Bringing more beauty into the world and sharing our love of flowers. 

Learn how to create seasonal arrangements and discover your own style with our year-round workshops. 

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Workshops can also be booked for private gatherings whether in our studio, your private home, or office (and just so you know, we welcome menfolk and delight how they surprise themselves with their enjoyment!).



Peony Summer Workshop

JUNE 6th 6pm/ 5th 10.30am

Wilde Thyme Flower Studio. Trinity. Jersey

We will discuss all things peony, as always eco mechanics and you will go home having made a beautiful Summer hand tie arrangement. 


Email: to book your place




MARCH 7th 10:30am or 6:00pm

Wilde Thyme Flower Studio. Trinity. Jersey

Come and make a Spring hand tie using Seasonal flowers and discuss eco mechanics and foam free arrangements.