What happens to all the flowers after the event?

Wedding season is upon us, and its flowertastic all the way through to the  third week of September. ( THANK YOU!) 

The food is eaten, the drink consumed, feet are sore from dancing but often at the end of the night are beautiful flowers waiting to be loved and give smiles. Sometimes clients like to take their flowers home and give amongst their friends, but if they don't want to do that, then what? This is where the Floral Angels come into play. 

Floral Angels is  wonderful charity set up some years ago and based in London, in the New Covent Garden Flower Market, many London florists return their blooms after the numerous events they provide for to the angels who are a wonderful collection of volunteers, who lovingly remake the flowers into posies and arrangements of kindness. They are then redistributed amongst hospices, care homes, women refuges all over London.  The recipients, some of whom are very alone are given the big joy of receiving flowers and feel thought about and cared for. 

When one of the founding Angels , Frances, moved here, she set up Floral Angels Jersey and on 1st July last year received their first donations of flowers and have been gifting smiles and kindness ever since. 

I totally understand if clients wish to keep their flowers but it gives me such personal joy, to put in an extra tired bit of effort and drive the flowers up to St Ouen's Manor where, in a beautiful dove cot,  in the walled garden the angels get busy. This magical spot has been gifted to the charity as a base from which to work, by the Malet de Carteret family. If you do not have any flowers to donate, you could always pop over with old tin cans, ( CLEANED and without labels !!) as these are used to hold the flowers in.