Whats in Season now?

Im often asked whats is in season now, and one of the greatest joys RIGHT NOW are ranunculus and they can be bought locally! 


Often referred to as the poor mans rose They arrive in a myriad of colours from ivory to burgundy, in their strong sharp hues to more muted shades. They last for ages. The locally grown ones have a slightly shorter stem length  but this year they are healthy and strong and will only be about for another week or so, so this is a reminder not to miss out! Either go and get them from Joe's honesty box in Rue les Charrieres Nicolle, St Lawrence, or you can order them from me, and collect ready conditioned.

I love supporting our farmers and they've had a rough old start to this year so far, so do get some treats for yourselves and enjoy these beautiful blooms. 

Top Tip on care for your ranunculus. 

They have hollow stems so do not have too much water in the vase.

They are thirsty and so keep them topped up with fresh water. 

Keep them out of direct sunlight if you want them to last for as long as possible!