Welcoming Spring and Top tips to look after your cut flowers

I know it is still icy cold but there are the first sightings of Spring and with Mother's Day round the corner, I'm all up for celebrating it! 

I love Mother's day. Mother nature never ceases to amaze me nor stop me in my tracks and many elements of our lives are governed by Her. Maybe its only once you become a Mother yourself do you really appreciate your own Mother so fiercely. True for me anyway! Appreciate I do and I know many of you do too, all the Mother's in your lives. 

I look forward to helping you make their Day a pleasure with flowers, and here are a few top tips for caring and helping them last longer. 

Please do not forget to get in touch with me if you would like to nominate a Single Mother out there, Jersey based, who would love to feel appreciated and thought about and be gifted by me, one of five Spring posies to celebrate them. 

Top tips:

+ Remove the packaging 

+ Fill a CLEANED vase/ jug with fresh water. 

+ Snip the stems at AN ANGLE to provide better drinking if you need them to sit better in your container. 

+ Use the flowers food provided

+ Change the water every few days and clean the vase. 

+ Do not have them sat near a radiator, fire nor in direct sunshine through glass, be it conservatory or window. 

I will not be adding narcissus to Spring arrangements as they give out a sap that is toxic to other cut flowers. They can be made up separately. 

Tulips and anemones continue growing once cut so again I will keep these separate as arrangements can look strange after a few days with these guys standing lots higher! 

As we head into March, my new website will be up and running soon and I really look forward to sharing it with you!