NEW YEAR - Goals with Soul

At the start of the year its usually resolution time but this year Ive gone about it differently and asked myself, "How do I want to feel?" This is the question I ask each area of my life, (in fact I now ask it every single day)  and then I can work out ways how to attain those feelings. 

For work, one of them is to feel connected to my readers and clients so what better way then to start blogging again. 

So here is the first of 2018. It begins with huge gratitude to amazing brides and grooms and their families last year trusting me to decorate and infuse floral atmosphere into their special day. Also to all my other clients many who have returned to me time and again asking for loveliness whether for private parties, home flowers delivered biweekly or weekly or one offs. Christmas decorating was super busy and on into NYE. If I'm honest there is still a studio to scrub and a van to clear!

We're looking ahead to a very busy wedding season and non of them are possible without a fabulous collection of freelancers who also put their soul into a project. So big thank you to you, my daughters included and look forward to rolling my sleeves up with you soon. 

On the horizon is a new look website which I am excited to share with you. I had forgotten how long writing copy and getting it to feel right takes, but a few more weeks and I should be there!

Im not going to write for long but leave you with a few images that make me smile, for the memories they evoke.