Branding Journey!

I didn’t have a clue when I begun my business of the importance of branding or really the meaning of it. I just knew it had to be super smart and initially my colours were a blueberry purple with silver. Smart yes but the silver which I had embossed on to the cards and tags was eye wateringly expensive for that stage in a business. The font was one I had found off the computer.

In fact I didn’t really know you could search deeper and buy fonts and there were licenses involved! Fast forward three years and a huge learning curve and I went for a rebrand. 

Like most things regarding design, colour, ideas, I saw what it looked like in my head and knew what I wanted to achieve. 
Hours of scorching the internet for fonts that looked as closely as I could find to my own rather large, free flowing handwriting. I eventually found what I was looking for, duly bought it then I needed some technical know how. It required more flourish, more personalisation, more me. Enter the fabulous Vaishali Shah who masterminds Creative ID and she flourished away and gave me exactly what I was after! 

For colours I chose white writing on grey for its modern, simple and super smart feel. 
Colour could come from the flowers.

Also with a van wrapped as it is with huge grey flowers all over it, colour would have been just too much and you wouldn’t see the name!!! Which btw, comes from my passionate love for literature and Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. “Down by the bank where the wild thyme blows...” 
I added an e to wild as a nod to Oscar and to balance the two words out visually. Also, as I wanted the .com wild thyme had been taken! 
So there you are ... thought processes as to how I got to where I am today with my brand. 

What I really love is as we change and develop. so can our brand. Nothing needs to be static! 
Happy day to you! 
Time for me to get in that van

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